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Yes, I am, "All that and a bag of chips". Si Me creo "La Muy Muy" y quisieras llegarme a los tacones!

These are another one of go-to’s for the every day girl, all natural look. They’ll definitely make your eyes stand out while still looking completely natural! The perfect way to glam up your makeup look, without doing too much.

La Muy Muy (All That!)

  • 100% Natural Human Hair

    • Hair offers a soft feathery feel and natural look


    Easy Application:

    • Specially developed cotton-band for easy & fast application


    Reusable with proper care: ( Suggested use 20-25 Applications)

    • Shape and form of your lashes remain the same after multiple uses


    Comfortable & Lightweight: 
    This unique and gorgeous, lightweight lashes sit seamlessly along the lash-line to deliver incomparable and effortless fierce look.

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