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3D Mink vs Silk & Synthetic


When using Silk and Synthetic lashes you do tend to go through them very quickly. On the average, you will get about 5 uses.  Most use it once and toss.  On the initial purchase, Mink is a bit more expensive in the range of $14.99 - $35.99 a pair. But with proper care, you can wear them up to 20-30 times.

Now when you compare Silk and Synthetic to the Mink, you can see the value. Over time you are really spending about $1 - $2 per use for a very high-quality lash.


Silk eyelashes:

These are the mid-weight type of lashes. They are finer and more flexible than the synthetic type which makes their retention slightly better. Because of their lightweight, silk lashes are good to use if you are a more seasoned or matured Queen. These Queens may have weak and flimsy natural lashes. Like synthetic lashes, silk comes in a variety of curls and lengths. These types of lashes can be worn approximately 3 - 4 times with proper care. Again, the price on these may seem a lot cheaper at initial the purchase.


Synthetic eyelashes:

Synthetic lashes give a glossy and shiny appearance. These lashes are more suitable for younger Queens who have naturally thick eyelashes and love a dramatic look. Since they are a little bit heavy, it is recommended not be worn for very long. If you would wish to look glamorous and sexy for a red-carpet photo shoot, you can apply the synthetic lashes.


However, Synthetic lashes can be a bit trickier to put on because they don't have that band to hold them in place. For this reason, they do lose their shape quickly. It does create a bit more of a challenge when you try to use them a second time.


Mink Lashes:

Just like the synthetic lashes, they are also shiny and glossy. The mink lashes are easier to apply because of its thick band.

Mink lashes are made artificially from real mink hair. They are softer and finer than silk lashes. They are also water resistant. The curls remain in shape even after being exposed to water. However, in case they lose their curls, you can reshape the curls by using a curler. Since they are very fine and soft, you will not have any trouble while reshaping those curls. Ladies this is a super important point with Mink Eyelashes. If you care for them properly, you can get up to 25+ wears out of them. Whereas with Silk, or Synthetic ones you do tend to go through them very quickly. Usually, you can get an average of 5 wears. This means, in the long run, you are paying more money.


To use an example to describe the choices it’s kind of like driving a car.  You can drive a KIA or a Rolls Royce. They both take you from point A to point B, but one is way more luxurious and sexier.

Knowing these basic differences, you are now able to choose the lashes that better suits your beauty.

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